T H O U G H T S 

Pain is a tremendous gift, but only up to a point. It can offer us a window into our own humanity and the humanity of others. It can increase our empathy, widening and deepening our heart. And it can lend itself to art and creative pursuits of all kinds. But if we’re using it to remain separate, waving our angst like an undefeated flag, we’re simply compounding the issue and locking ourselves in a prison unnecessarily.

Co-creation, or creating with Spirit or the Universe, is a conversation, it’s a dialogue. We have an idea of what we want or need. We put that idea out there and scramble or wait. But we rarely think to build a relationship with the dream itself. We’re scared to touch it, communicate with it, this perfect Eden of ours. And this keeps us tethered to the dream, rather than rooted in the reality of it, which is that we don’t have control over when or how it will arrive. Nor do we have control over what it will look like.

Modern society is replete with beauty advice. Billions of dollars are spent each year convincing us of our inadequacies... [S]o it can feel downright radical to own our beauty, to define it for ourselves.

Spirituality is a framework, but it isn’t the whole picture. That is drawn from our interests, our passions, the things that light us up, and how we shine in the world. There is a misunderstanding, I think, between the two. At least there was for me.