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The Signs are the Archetypes.

This is the energy itself. The Planets are how the energy gets expressed. The Houses in what area of life. So here, we’re just talking about the core energy. I encourage you to read all of the signs. The truth is that we have all of them inside of us, to greater or lesser extent.

Under each Sign, you’ll find Ruled By. This is the planet or luminary (Sun or Moon) that governs the Sign. You can read more about the planets and luminaries in the section devoted to them.

You’ll also find the QUALITY and ELEMENT and POLARITY.


(Side note: Honestly, I wish there were different names for the polarities, because it seems to engender (sorry, pun intended) so much confusion. All relationships, no matter how the individuals identify themselves, involve polarity. So it’s not about being more feminine or masculine. It’s about owning that energy we are and welcoming in the compliment. But I digress.)

It’s the core energy that matters here. We can really learn so much about ourselves from exploring them. If you’re looking to explore your shadow, I recommend starting with your Sun and Moon Signs, your Descendent, our partnership point and also our projections, as well as your 12th house Cusp, which represents our unconscious.

Each of the descriptions is followed by a series of prompts. The act of answering the questions in a journal can be tremendously clarifying and healing. We may find aspects of ourselves we haven’t really acknowledged or integrated. We may come to see something in a new light. I recommend taking your time with each sign. You may even want to revisit the questions during a New or Full Moon to help ground in the particular energy.


Danielle Beinstein - Introduction to Astrology | Module 3: The Signs

Aries likes to move. It’s fast. Fast to start. Fast to finish. This is a sign ruled by speed. Not just because it’s fire. But because it’s also cardinal. And cardinal signs begin. They initiate. Couple that with a desire and need to act and now you’re in the zone of this warrior sign. Aries doesn’t overthink, it doesn’t belabor. It’s that red Ferrari zooming down the highway, 100 miles an hour.

When we’re living Aries, we’re willing to take risks. In fact, the risk is the motivation. Never content to simply watch from cheap seats, this is energy driven to participate. Some people call Aries selfish. But that’s a little reductive. Aries knows that we must put our own oxygen mask on first. Its enterprising nature is a call to action.

I like to think of Aries as residing in beginner’s mind. To an Aries, if it’s not new, is it really worth engaging? But, of course, this perspective is a choice. Every moment is a chance to start again if we perceive it as such. If we already knew everything, what would be the point?

Some think of Aries as angry. And while it is ruled by Mars, the god of War, it’s also fearless in addressing life directly. Anger is a feedback mechanism, after all. It’s letting us know a boundary has been crossed. This sign does not stew. And because of this, because it insists on addressing things head on, it also has an uncanny ability to let things go. Even after a competition. Once it’s over, it’s over and it’s time to move on. There are new games to play. New games to start.

_ _ _


Where in my life do I crave a new beginning, fresh start or new perspective?

What fears are holding me back from taking this leap or opening up in this way?

Am I willing to release these fears?

What small action steps can I commit to in supporting this shift?

How do I relate to the word selfish?

What judgments, if any, do I hold against myself in this regard?

How can I support myself in becoming more (capital S) Selfish? (Meaning, how can I reframe my own desire to put my oxygen mask on first as positive and inspiring?)

How can I continue to support myself in honoring my own desires?


If Aries is I AM, Taurus is I OWN. Ownership is a funny thing, because from a spiritual perspective, we can’t really own anything. Whatever we own, we’re really just renting. Taurus can have a harder time with this concept. It’s FIXED EARTH, which is where it gets its reputation for being so stubborn. It likes to dig its heels in. It wants to stay. Change isn’t so easy for this sign, but there’s something so profoundly beautiful about its willingness to commit, to see it through. In our hyper fast paced world, Taurus is the slow food, slow fashion, slow craftsman movement. It takes its time. It takes Aries’s initiative and builds upon it, concretizing it in the physical world. It may take its time getting started, but once it’s on its way there’s no stopping it.

Taurus rules the neck, which is why so many Taureans have that throaty voice and why so many famed singers from Barbara Streisand to Adele have their Suns in Taurus. The neck is also the THROAT CHAKRA, which deals in personal truth, creative self-expression and the allowance of Spirit to work its way through. No wonder then, that Taurus rules Art. The material world isn’t separate from the spiritual world. Rather, the former is emblematic of the latter. Taurus is Venus ruled. It’s beauty personified. How we relate to the physical world is indicative of how relate to Spirit.

Taurus is here to teach us that our sensuality is our guide to the present moment. That to give and receive pleasure is a form of love. And that to take in the beauty of this world is to pay homage to Spirit.

_ _ _


How do I relate to my senses? Would I consider myself sensual?

What limiting beliefs, memories or conditioning is blocking me from fully experiencing my sensuality?

Am I willing to release, reprogram and shift these limiting beliefs and embrace being in a physical body?

What sensual experiences can I commit to in deepening my relationship with my senses and with the present moment?

How do I relate to my beauty? Do I consider myself beautiful?

What stories, limiting beliefs or insecurities, if any, are clouding the way I perceive my own beauty?

Am I willing to rewrite this story? To own my beauty?


Gemini is the connector. Its driving force being its curiosity. It has an insatiable appetite for stimuli, which is why it’s the communicator and networker of the zodiac, and also the scribe. When we’re talking about Gemini, we’re talking about information, which is how it gets its shadow reputation as the gossip or trickster employing valuable material for its personal gain or seductively utilizing wordplay to further its interests. In other words, it sees information as a kind of currency, a way to get from point A to point B. Like Aries, Gemini likes the move. But this time, the movement is less physical and more mental, ruled as it is by Mercury, the winged messenger. It can change its mind. Rather quickly, in fact. And is fast to respond. This sign loves choices. And though it may be frustrating for more fixed types, it’s here to teach us how to adapt. This running around can leave Gemini fried or brittle, though, if they’re in an anxious state. With this much thinking, who wouldn’t be a little exhausted?

But let’s not forget Gemini’s playfulness. They can be very witty with a keen understanding of the power of the spoken or written word. I sometimes liken this energy to a child approaching a treasure chest of costumes and identities, trying them on for size. Today I’ll be a ballerina, tomorrow a firefighter. This isn’t to say Gemini doesn’t have a clear identity. It means its identity is its chameleon-like curiosity. This is an asset, not a liability, especially in our world today, where everything seems to move at lightning speed.



Do I consider myself a curious person? How do I relate to curiosity in general?

Are there areas where I am willing to be more curious, less fixed in my thinking?

What fears, limiting beliefs or conditioning, if any, do I have regarding remaining curious? For example, was I raised in a home where I had to have all of the answers? Was I shamed, rather than celebrated, for asking a lot of questions?

Where can I bring more levity and open mindedness into my life?

Am I a playful person?

What fears, limiting beliefs or conditioning is preventing me from accessing more playfulness in my life?

How can I bring more playfulness into my life?

How do I relate to gossip? Do I gossip?

How does gossiping serve me? For example, does it bring a sense of connection or release?

How can I channel this energy more productively in service to my own growth and healing?


The emotionally protective, security driven nurturer of the Zodiac. Cancers have a soft underbelly. As a WATER sign, they’re feelers, often moody. They absorb everything and so, in order to process, they need to retreat. Home is where Cancer comes alive. Home is where it shines, either literally or metaphorically. But again, home is relative. It means different things to different people. In any case, this energy prefers the comfort of the familiar, where it feels safe enough to relax and let go, where they feel free to exhibit their many quirks and share their insights. Family, either makeshift or biological, is most important to this protective sign. It yearns for meaningful connection, relationships with history and emotional weight. As a CARDINAL sign, control may be a prominent feature here, manifesting in the emotional realm. This energy can be withdrawn or clingy if out of sorts, possibly even overwhelmingly so but only when it’s afraid, ducking for cover. At its most evolved, it’s the great nurturer and protector, providing a sacred space for itself and others.
_ _ _


How do I relate to my emotions or emotions in general?

Do I hold any judgments against emotional displays?

What is underneath these judgments? What is driving them?

Can I have more compassion for myself and others as they navigate the emotional side of life?

Do I feel I was well nurtured and emotionally cared for as a child?

How does my answer to the above question mirror or contradict the way in which I nurture myself?

How can I nurture myself at deeper and deeper levels? What action steps can I take in deepening my self-nurture practice?


This creative sign is both performative and persuasive. Its warmth is felt like a hearth, drawing others to it, like moths to the proverbial flame. Its generosity, especially, is noteworthy. Uninterested in pettiness of any kind, they love to bestow gifts upon those they love. What they seek in return is admiration and respect. This is the King or the Queen. Yet their regal nature can also be their downfall, as their pride may preclude their growth. Though they themselves can have a mighty effect, they, themselves, are not easily swayed. Their FIXED nature and FIERY spirit can be dominating, their will intimidating to other, less forthright individuals. Not ones to back down easily, they can get defensive. But underneath this remains that strong and courageous Leonine heart. This Leonine heart can also reveal a childlike enthusiasm and a love so grand it can raise mountains. Leo gives its all or it gives nothing. Of course, one can be a lover of many things, not just people. It’s the fire itself, burning so effortlessly, that draws others in. Those in its proximity can benefit greatly from the warmth and the entertainment it provides.

_ _ _


How do I relate to my creativity? Do I consider myself a creative person?

What fears, limiting beliefs or unhealed memories are preventing me from being more creatively expressed?

Am I willing to let these go?

What action steps can I commit to in supporting my creative self?

How do I relate to the spotlight?

What judgments, fears or limiting beliefs are holding me back from stepping into the spotlight?

Am I willing to let these go?

What action steps can I commit to in sharing my light?

Do I consider myself a courageous person? Courage actually resides in the heart. Leo recognizes that live from one’s heart is the highest form of courage, whether in love or through the expression of one’s natural gifts and talents.

Why or why not?

How can I commit to honoring my heart?


Virgo is the organizer of the zodiac, choosing the most efficient path. It isn’t interested in riff raff or drama. It’s here to separate the wheat from the chaff, to get things done. It may not organize its space, but it definitely organizes something. Sometimes that something is its feelings. Feelings are messy. They can’t really be tidied up. They have to be felt, experienced, metabolized. But Virgo doesn’t always see it this way. Not until they learn their usefulness. Because Virgo, above all else, deals in helpfulness. It wants to fix and improve. That’s how it got its reputation as the nitpicker. The truth is that Virgo shines in its role as serial tweaker. When it’s unfulfilled and disconnected from itself, it can be a perfectionist or find itself plagued by analysis paralysis, leaving it forever unsatisfied with its own effect. This can be healed through a calming of its often very overactive nervous system. As an EARTH sign, it’s soothed by the most sensual of rituals: nourishment, food, sleep, sex, bathing, grooming. Like Gemini (also ruled by Mercury), Virgo can run high on anxiety, almost impulsively attacking one task after the next. Yet if they can center themselves and ground in their heart, they’ll find a deep inner knowing and self containment within that’s nearly unparalleled. This is the sign that just loves when the details are just right, treasuring the small moments with absolute pleasure, finding joy in the present.

_ _ _


Am I a perfectionist?

What is underneath this perfectionism?

Where did this perfectionism get seeded?

Can I forgive this aspect of my psyche, allowing it to dissolve?

How can I continue to support myself in releasing my perfectionism?

Am I discerning? Do I trust my inner knowing?

Am I critical of others?

If so, in what ways? And what is driving this criticism? Where does it stem from?

How can I honor my discernment and inner knowing with self-compassion and compassion for others?

How do I relate to efficiency? Do I consider myself efficient?

What may be preventing me from streamlining my life? For example, do I create chaos or procrastinate in an effort to subconsciously manufacture something more pressing and immediate to fix as an avoidance tactic?

How can I streamline my life and habits in supportive and loving ways?


Libra is the diplomatic mediator, the one who doesn’t want to upset the apple cart or rock the boat. This sign seeks harmony at all costs. Ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, values and relationships, its primary objective is such. Libra is socially gracious, always referring back to others. That’s where its legendary indecisiveness comes from. It can always see both sides. And so because of this, can, unlike its opposite Aries, struggle with direct forward motion. As a Cardinal sign, it’s control is of the codependent nature. It’s ok if you’re ok. Of course, this can lead to challenges as humans are complex and sometimes unpredictable. The more Libra seeks to control, the more out of control it feels. That’s its journey, though, to discover the art of true interdependence. The more willing Libra is to honor themselves in relationship, the more expert they become at the art of conscious partnership.

Libra is also interested in design and aesthetics due to its Venus rulership. It understands the effect beauty has on space, on the way we experience the world.

_ _ _


Do I lean towards co-dependence + people pleasing?

What fears, insecurities and conditioning are driving this behavior?

Can I give these fears and insecurities a voice here?

What would my fear say?

What would my insecurities say?

Can I acknowledge these feelings without judgement?

Can I release them, honoring myself in the process?

How can I support myself in becoming more comfortable with uncomfortable situations?

What action steps can I commit to in supporting myself in owning and articulating my truth in my relationships?


Scorpio is the sign of depth and transformation. This sign penetrates far beneath the surface, its impact felt deeply by those in its orbit. Scorpio does not shy away from the shadowy side of life. In fact, its where it shines. Death, birth, sex, finances. Nothing is too raw or uncomfortable for this psychologically fearless WATER sign. Scorpio is feared for the same reason it’s revered: power. There’s a self-containment to this FIXED sign. Its possessiveness isn’t so much a neediness but rather an intense desire to know its effect. It’s fascinated by the human psyche and the seemingly endless layers of our condition. It’s not surprising to find a Scorpio watching or reading CIA or FBI chronicles. This is a sign that loves to probe, to figure out what makes people tick. Not one to chit chat, Scorpio prefers heftier, meatier fare. They also exert their control in more covert ways. Not one to seek out the spotlight, they prefer running the show from the shadows and have an uncanny ability to puppeteer those in their realm to their desired effect. Of course, this can be used for good or ill. And if you’ve ever been the recipient of a Scorpio’s support, you can attest to its potency.

Scorpio is known to brood. It processes at its own pace and may need to retreat into the underworld, in order to emerge anew. Their keen ability to manipulate energy, in this case, can be channeled into anything they desire, be it the pursuit of a dream, a creative hobby or expression, relationship or career objective. It’s raw energy. What they do with it is up to them. But they have it in droves.

Some people liken this sign to the Femme Fatale archetype (Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct or a Petyr Baelish type for the Game of Thrones fans out there), and while this energy may reveal shadings of these shadowy characteristics, it really shines in its understanding of the human psyche and its capacity to navigate even the most complex of scenarios with aplomb. I’d liken it more to a wizard, forever alchemizing and weaving its spell. It can offer tremendous support through its concentrated focus and attention. Sometimes this is understood by others only after Scorpio is long gone. If you should betray this sign, or take advantage, it will go ice cold, severing all ties. It is not one to suffer fools. It gives too much and is given credit far too little.
_ _ _


What does power mean to me?

When have I felt most powerful?

When and in what ways have I given that power away?

Where do I seek control, act possessive and/or experience jealousy?

Where do I withhold love, energy and resources as a means to keep myself safe?

How can I actively anchor in my authentic power?

Do I find myself always transforming?

How can I support myself through these transformations with grace?

Do I experience jealousy?

What stories, insecurities, limiting beliefs or fears are driving this jealousy?

Am I willing to transform my jealousy into something more productive and inspiring?

ACTIVITY: Write out your jealousies on loose leaf paper and burn them.


Sagittarius is the explorer, the adventurer seeking wisdom and truth wherever it goes. Optimistic and enthusiastic, this FIRE sign will not be tied down. Not in the traditional sense, at least. Too much life to live, too much to see. Philosophical to the core, Sagittarius seeks experience above all else. It’s this experience that drives their continuous quest. Sagittarians are the storytellers of the zodiac, weaving all their impressions into an impassioned and inspired narrative. Though sometimes bombastic, preachy and opinionated, Sagittarius actually excels in its ability to weave a particular narrative from various threads. It’s the truth they’re after and the truth that they’re trying to impart.

This sign loves to learn. This love can lead it into a life as an Eternal Student, jumping from one class to another or one discipline to another without ever gaining mastery. And yet, they’re the teachers of the zodiac. Once they recognize that the best teachers are eternal students, they morph into guru-dom, enchanting others with their sage advice.

Sagittarius, like its opposite Gemini, is known as a bit of a commitment-phobe, but like its opposite this can be a bit misleading. Sagittarius can commit. It just needs to know its partner is willing to experience a life of twists and turns and open to following new paths wherever they may lead. How else would it find the truth it’s after?

_ _ _


Am I sometimes opinionated and boastful?

What drives this (list here without judgment)?

What is the deeper truth available to me here?

What’s changing (or feels like it needs to) in my life?

Do I have faith that things will work out for me, regardless of how it may appear now?

What limiting beliefs or patterns need to be released in order to facilitate this change?

Can I see how these limiting beliefs or patterns were serving me? Meaning, can I accept that they had a purpose at some point?

Am I willing to release them?

In releasing them, am I willing to employ that same energy as one of faith and optimism?

How can I remain connected to my faith?


Capricorn is the Goat, emerging from the depths of Scorpio and the breadth of Sagittarius to find their particular mountain of choice. Its journey is, at the start, one of earthly pursuits and achievements. These are the CEOs of the zodiac. They’re here to accomplish, to make their mark. Once they’ve attained their success, however, they become wise stewards, shepherding others on their own path to success. Capricorn excels when in a role of authority. They cannot stand, under any circumstances, embarrassment. And their fear of responsibility and low self-esteem can arrest their progress. It’s in mastering this fear and knowing their worth, that they find their backbone and anchor in their self-esteem, fulfilling their natal promise. No other sign understands the karmic boomerang better than this one. Their integrity is legendary. Michelle Obama is a Capricorn. So is Jim Carrey. His quote “I wish everybody could be rich and famous so they could know it’s not the answer” epitomizes the very essence of the Capricorn experience. They also tend to age in reverse, growing younger as they unburden themselves from the weight of their younger years.

Capricorn likes to be boss, yes, but it doesn’t necessarily like to manage. Still, others look to them for guidance, as they’re ruled by Saturn, the master of time and maturation. They’re in a bit of a conundrum, then, aren’t they? They want to be perceived as the ones who know best and yet can be burdened by the weight of this know-how. If you really want to frustrate a Capricorn, ask them a question and then discard their advice. Nothing annoys them more ;)

They’re also very very funny. They have a dry wit about them that they use both mask and navigate their often sensitive interiors.
_ _ _


What does status mean to me?

Do I value status? Am I status conscious?

Why or why not?

Am I goal oriented?

What drives these goals? What motivates them?

Is this in alignment with my deepest values?

What does personal responsibility mean to me?

What does the establishment mean to me?

How do I relate to the establishment?

Is this or is this not serving me?

In what ways am I living in integrity?

In what ways am I not living in integrity?

How can I support myself in continuing to anchor in my backbone?


Aquarius is the inventor of the zodiac. It has a scientific approach to the world, forever accumulating data to support its hypotheses. Aquarians are unique, beating to their own drum with their fierce revolutionary spirit. They are often friendly, yet aloof, shying away from psychological intensity and drama. Yet, it’s this detachment that can stir almost histrionic responses from others, especially the more emotional types. As a FIXED AIR sign, Aquarius is not easily thrown off course. They can be rigid in their thinking, leading with their mind (this is an AIR sign), rather than their emotions. Rational is a word this sign is prone to, as feelings can overwhelm them. But their conviction is strong and admirable.

They have a lot of acquaintances, this sign. Egalitarian and progressive (unless they’re operating out of their shadow of righteousness), they want to be afforded the same respect they allow others. Freedom - the space to be who they are - is important to them. In romantic relationships, they can be committed and also somewhat distant, their lens always perched up above. Yet this serves them and others wonderfully, as their clarity and ingenuity reveals itself in remarkable ways. These are the pattern spotters and formula creators, calling us all forward into our future selves.
_ _ _


In what ways do I consider myself unique?

Do I honor this uniqueness?

Where in my life do I consider myself inventive?

What limiting beliefs, stories or insecurities, if any, are preventing me from expressing my inventiveness?

Am I willing to release these?

Now, if I look at this situation with wisdom and compassion, through the lens of my third eye, what do I see?

Do I consider myself emotionally detached?

How does this detachment serve me?

How does it not serve me?

How do I relate to my need to be an individual?

How do I relate to my desire to be part of an organization or group?

How do I relate to my need for freedom?

Am I willing to allow myself to live outside the box?


Pisces is the mystic of the zodiac. Acting as a vessel of sorts, this sign reveals Spirit through its healing capabilities and visual artistry. Sensitive, romantic and compassionate, Pisces can become disillusioned, slipping into victim consciousness, blaming others for their discontent and vanishing into the ethers. But that’s just an indication that Pisces is in denial of its own gifts. As the last sign in the zodiac, Pisces contains all the signs before it. There is an ethereal quality inherent in this MUTABLE WATER sign. They can appear disorganized to others, but in truth, they’re simply aligning with their own flow. They succeed best when they allow Spirit to flow through them, operating as a conduit. And yet, as dreamy as they are, they can easily lose themselves in pining, forever in yearning for greener pastures. Concrete actions and definitive decisions may be challenging for this sign. When in this state, it can find itself in damsel in distress or martyrdom territory. And yet, when its internal cup is filled, it rises to unsurpassed heights to reveal something altogether transcendent.

Along with the healing arts, Pisces also rules photography and film. There is an almost otherworldly quality to its gifts and its ability to attune to other dimensions.

_ _ _


Where in my life do I find myself grasping?

If I were to give this grasping a voice and let it speak, what would it say?

What do I find (and feel) underneath?

Can I have compassion for this place inside me?

How can I anchor in this self-compassion and inner-loving in my every day?

Where in my life can I be addictive and escapist?

What is the root of this behavior?

Can I have compassion for myself?

And can I commit to addressing whatever is ailing me directly?

How can I support myself in doing so?

Where in my life can I play the victim or martyr?

How does this behavior serve me?

How does it not serve me?

How can I commit to becoming more the heroine in my life, rather than the victim?

How attuned am I to Spirit?

How am I honoring this attunement in my life?

How can I continue to attune to Spirit, residing in trust and acceptance?


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