In this course, we will explore the basic energy of a Natal Chart. The Houses. The Signs. The Planets and Luminaries. But perhaps, most importantly, we’ll explore what these things mean to us.

My intention is for this workshop to be one of discovery. The more we understand ourselves, the more responsible we become to our journey and to the fulfillment of our promise. 




Course Includes:

6 Videos

Journal Prompts

Natal Chart Worksheet

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Q&A Video from Danielle

Access to Private Facebook Group

This course is for:

Anyone who is interested in exploring their personal Natal Chart, learning the fundamentals of Astrological interpretation and investigating their energetic make up in service to personal, professional and spiritual growth.

Course Takeaways:

Self-Awareness, Self-Understanding, Self-Acceptance, Self-Compassion & Self-Forgiveness. And how to harness all of this on the journey towards Self-Actualization.


Danielle has an astute understanding of how the celestial play directly affects you as the individual. She puts it into grounded, pragmatic, and concise bites that you can incorporate into your life and use a very powerful tool.
— Amanda Chantal Bacon, Founder of Moon Juice
Danielle is amazing. She’s brilliant, approachable, kind and giving. Her advice and guidance is always spot on.
— Nicole, Political Researcher & Mother of Two
My learnings from Danielle have been some of the most profound teachings of my life to date. She guides with an open heart, and vast wealth of intuitive intellect. I have never experienced an individual who shares her level of compassion, support, and understanding while simultaneously motivating me to reach the deepest aspects of my being. And once there, she gently holds time and space for my integration of those realizations and actualization of my authentic self. She is the embodiment of love and I am greater for having her as a mentor and teacher on this ever winding journey of life.
— Jobi Manson, Founder of Sefari Outpost

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