If you're rolling your eyes, you're not alone. I get it. Many people are skeptical. I used to be one of them. But in my 16+ years of experience studying this stuff, I've never found it to be wrong. Wild, I know. 

It's archetypal. We're constantly playing out different aspects of the human psyche and our natal charts reflect this, revealing our instincts. This knowledge offers us the gift of choice. We can begin to harness our energy with direction and purpose. Because the more we understand the impetus behind our actions and reactions, the more agency we have over our own lives. The more integrated we become. 

Astrology also offers us a window into our personal life cycles. We all experience peaks and valleys. We all have ups and downs. The more aware we are of their timing, the more in tune we become with our own path. We stop comparing, realizing that every individual's journey is unique. And we start taking responsibility, finding lessons and opportunities in all that we do. This grants us strength, wisdom and the perspective to navigate our lives with authenticity, grit and grace.

I have done much work with practitioners like Dani over time, and I can honestly say, I was blown away by her approach. So earnest, authentic and real, I felt utterly inspired, confident and calmed by our work together. She takes an ancient practice and makes it completely relevant to the modern world in which we live in today. She’s a rarity.
— Jacqui Lewis, co-founder The Broad Place


Counseling sessions are held via phone or Skype.  In person counseling services are available at my office in Santa Monica, California. Note that the fee is by the hour, not by number of charts considered. Please also note that there is a 24 hour cancellation fee. If cancellations are made within 24 hours of the booking, no refund will be provided. And no refunds are given after a session has completed.


A natal chart is a snapshot of the sky the moment we are born. This provides information as to our psychological wiring and habits. It also reveals, through transits and progressions, where we are in our personal life cycle as well as clarity on any opportunities and challenges experienced by the individual. Each session is tailored to your needs, based on your current circumstances, natal promise and astrological transits. While some clients prefer a basic natal chart reading, others are seeking more in depth counseling. For those looking for a deeper cut, we will address limiting beliefs and patterns that are blocking you from manifesting your ideal life, through intention, self-discovery, play and inner child healing.


A solar return chart reveals the focus of our personal year, from one birthday to the next. 

• RELATIONSHIP READINGS (both personal and professional)

Every relationship is unique and carries its own energetic imprint. Synastry addresses the ways in which we affect one another, where as a composite chart looks at the energy of the relationship itself. Both will be considered, as will the individual charts of both parties involved.


An infant's personality is seen almost immediately. And as children grow, they begin to express more and more complex aspects of their chart. Often there is astrological overlap with either or both parents (even when children are adopted I see this), revealing the intricacies of family dynamics. Readings may focus on one individual, relationships between family members or the group as a whole, depending on what the client is seeking.



Duration: 60 Minutes

For those seeking an in-depth analysis of their natal chart and guidance as to how best harness the energy available to them. Progressions and transits will be considered as well.

Skype, FaceTime or Phone: $250 

In Person Sessions are conducted in Santa Monica, at my office, on Fridays and some weekends for a slightly higher fee of $300 

House calls can also be arranged for an additional fee. Please email me. 



Duration: 30 Minutes

For those seeking a brief window into their astrological make-up. Also great for birthday, solar return readings.

Skype, FaceTime or Phone Only $125


Do I need my birth time?

The birth time provides the Ascendant, degrees of all planets and points and a timing of certain cycles. That being said, a great deal of information can be gleaned from the birth day, year and location alone. I have done countless readings without known birth times. If a birth time is not present, we will work with what is called a Sunrise Chart, casting the Ascendant from Sunrise.

Should I start with a session or with the Intro to Astro Course?

The course will likely take a while to complete and it can be revisited again and again for deeper and deeper insight. A session will offer more personalized counseling and insight. It really can work either way, starting with the course and booking a session to help clarify or jump starting with a session and then taking the time to really navigate the course.

Do I call/FaceTime/Skype you or do you call/FaceTime/Skype me?

I will call/FaceTime/Skype you with the number, email or handle you provide in the intake form.

Are sessions recorded?

Sessions are not recorded, though I do encourage clients to take notes during the session.

How should I prepare for a session?

I recommend grounding prior to a session, so that you may be fully present. The more clients put into the session, the more they will receive.

How often do you recommend booking a session?

I leave this completely up to the individual, as some are satisfied with one session and others desire more scaffolding. I also find that this can shift throughout one’s journey. At one particular time, more support is desired and during other periods, only a basic check-in is necessary.

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